Call for proposals: Life in 2069 - an article based on this report by Samsung

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Experts Predict Aquatic Highways, Air Taxis And Space Hotels For Life In 50 Years Time

Note: For a link to the full report, check bottom of the article.

Top 20 predictions Brits would most like to see become a reality:

  1. Self-cleaning homes, using robot technology 63%
  2. Body implants that monitor our health and translate any language 44%
  3. Drone-style air taxis and buses 33%
  4. Mass-scale 3D printing of organs for immediate use 33%
  5. Rocket travel in near space, to go from London to New York in 30 mins 31%
  6. Robotic surgeons and doctors 29%
  7. Virtual companions/carers to support our health 24/7 28%
  8. Computer games played in suits which create sensations of touch, so you feel the environment 28%
  9. Vertical farming, using the space on the side of buildings to grow crops 26%
  10. Space hotels 20%
  11. Aquatic (underwater) highways 19%
  12. Interactive movies, physically taking part in what we watch via VR 18%
  13. High street insect-burger takeaways 17%
  14. Earth scrapers (inverted skyscrapers going underground) 16%
  15. Quidditch-style aerial sport matches on hoverboards 16%
  16. Living forever with our memories uploaded to the Cloud 14%
  17. Virtual multi-sensory holidays 14%
  18. Nutritionally personalised food, using skin-embedded sensors 14%
  19. Brain-to-internet connectivity 12%
  20. TV and movies beamed directly to your brain via optoelectronic devices

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