An IoT App That Helps Track Who Mines Your Data and Why

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Topic: IoT

Who/What: New research reports of a new app called IoT Assistant that informs users of the Internet of Things tech in their surroundings and the data they collect.

Why/how: The app lets one know what smart device is around them like public face recognition cameras, bluetooth beacons, a smart doorbell, etc, the data they collect, and provides the option to permit or deny data collection.

More ...: “Because of new laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), people need to be informed about what data is collected about them and they need to be given some choices over these processes” (Norman Sadeh, Carnegie Mellon University, Institute of Software Research, CyLab faculty).

Methodology: Online research and use of a tumbled pyramid int the article.



Wordcount: 200-300

Qualification statement: A step forward in conforming with regulations and giving people some choice when it comes to sharing of personal data.

Time: 24 hours

Budget: 300TECH

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