Five Star Entertainment presents : Weekly Bars #9 by @youngogmarqs Special Edition: Beats by @heaterville

in #fse3 years ago

This week Five Star Entertainment’s artist @youngogmarqs delivered 3 freestyles, over 3 uniquely different beats produced by @heaterville

This is the third installment. A funky west coast boucey banger from heaterville. Yogi delivers provocative lyrics like “hit you from a view, where you’ll see me coming/ right before you die, so you know its from me”. 

I hope you enjoy the bars.

Collaborating with @heaterville was fun. I look forward to working on more music with him. Full songs, not just freestyles. Here are the links to the two other freestyles released earlier this week.

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Stay blessed. 

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Yooooo @heaterville yo beat is sick af!

The nigga all lip like kylie jenner

This got me ....lmao! Mehn this is super tight...super! and this beat is sick as well, I would love to drop on it as well.

Word lets set up the remix

Ooooooh yeeeah!!!

Man I truly like the rhythm of beats and the freestyle rap , makes the Weekly Bars short song great. You guys are rocking @youngogmarqs

Thank you my boy, appreciate the support. Glad you enjoy the videos

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