Green Smoothie - Recipe

Hi sweethearts! We are still hunting houses in Granada, outside Orgiva, and the ones we have looked at until now were really something special and nice places to live at. The one we liked the most is in the mountains with an incredible view and land. Thanks to Aishlinn @trucklife-family we have the possibility to take our time to find a good house. We are so grateful for all the help and support we get here, it's not often you find so many helping help and friendly connections in such a short time period. Time is flying and we have already been staying here for over a week now! And I have good news to share, we finally got one house from the middle of December until the end of may, which means we only need a place to stay from 1 November until 15 dec. The house is so dreamy with an incredible view of the valley and mountains in Granada.

Reach for the stars and universe answer. When you know what you want, you just need to listen and watch out for the signs and follow them. Take it as a gift and dont be afraid to take the necessary steps!

My little one was very sick last night, throwing up everything. It was hard to see and we were quite worried, but there was not much to do. Luckily he felt well in the morning again and started to eat. We have all had an upset stomach the last few days, but dont know why really. If it is the water or some food, we dont know, but I am happy it seems to get over now.

I will see if I can take some more food pictures this week, but for now, I have this green smoothie for you!

Here is a little healthy green smoothie recipe I would love to share with you:


  • 1/2 pineapple,
  • 3 handfuls of fresh spinach,
  • 1 banana, 1/2 avocado,
  • 1 stalk celery,
  • 1 piece of ginger,
  • 1 small piece of lemon with zest and juice,
  • water or homemade almond milk.

Blend and enjoy!

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Much love to you all!

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Thank you all! ❤

I want to inspire you to live your dreams, eat delicious, wholesome, nourishing, healthy food, and keep a creative mind. We all can do that, now!❤

Health starts inside our mind.

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Gorgeous smoothie @vegan.niinja… I’m also glad to hear your little one is feeling a bit better. The flu, or flu like illnesses, is never fun. Love the photography here too! Great entry :)

Thank you so much! Yes we all were bad for a few days, but luckily things like that are gone if you just rest and listen to your body! Hope you are well!

You’re so right, rest is crucial. And when rest isn’t working I swear by garlic 🤷🏼‍♀️ Haha

Beautiful picture! Wish we had all the ingredients to make that right now! Gotta have the extra toppings, too.

Oh yes, this one was really a great one, definitely worth trying!

I am happy you joined us again Sweetie and I am glad you are having lovely time on your trip, except your little one hasn't been feeling well. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and he will recover in no time.

The smoothie is beautiful, delicious and full of amazing ingredients as allays. Well done my Dear, enjoy your trip and hope to see you soon again 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
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Thanks Lena, oh yes he was well after that night, luckily! Many kisses to you!!

I am glad to hear that Sweetie! Kisses back to you too XOXO

Thanks love!!

How is the smoothie so green? I absolutely love it, especially with a little bit of ginger, yum! I'm glad you all are feeling better, I hope you'll be well and stay healthy! :)

Thank you, sweetheart! I only use yellow or white fruits, and a lot of greens, that's why the color turns out this pretty;)

Love the smoothie presentation, glad that your little one getting well and hope that your new house would bring more healthy and happiness to your family.

Thank you so much! I am sure it will! We are really so happy to be able to move from the city life to that quiet place in Granada!

We love green smoothies! I'm also sitting with a sick little one but for a week so I can sympathise @vegan.niinja! Your photography is sublime

Oh I hope your little one is feeling better now, that is always hard when our kids are sick and we can't do much for them! Much love to you!

yeah it is all happening as it should be. much love beautiful xxx

Exactly! Thanks Aishlinn, for everything!

I am totally sold for the colors! I am sure that it must be yummy as well!

Oh yes it was so delicious!! Love this one a lot;)

Sorry to hear you were all sick! Hope u can find the place you need to tie you over!

Oh yes, we needed some rest, and that helped us to get rid of whatever it was! Thanks lovely!!