Fruitsandveggiesmonday getting carnivores too eat vegan

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So left my family’s farm and now on girlfriends home turf.

Doing a family dinner for those who usually eat meat meals with minimal veggies and maximize cream it was a treat tricking them. Easy enough to have spaghetti and meat balls but using falafel is so easy.
I used my home made and canned marinara

  • tomatoes (skinned and cored)
    Simmer for two hours
  • add cup of red wine
  • clove garlic
    Simmer another 2 hours
  • add Italian seasonings

falafel was cooked with peppers and then half way thru cooking added Italian dressing

Tossed with the sauce made a great combo
Always a good idea to pair pasta with a salad 591528FF-0AC3-4E74-830D-2085CAA00805.jpeg

actually had her brother get half way thru his meal before asking. Finished mis plate which shocked us both. Then went and got a salad. Good enough for carnivores Is always a goal DF5F40BC-F1E3-4194-9456-2E71F094F946.jpeg

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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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What a great looking tasty treat for real foodies yumyumyum

Falafel in spaghetti?? Brilliant! I don't know why I never thought of that, but makes perfect sense as a meatball substitute. Always great when you can please everyone with the same yummy meal!


Congratulations! But I am not surprised! This meal could satisfy even the most fussy eater, lol. For me, marinara with red wine says it all, although I don't drink, lol. But I know adding wine into sauce adds fantastic flavor 😉👌

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Old wine instead of vinegar is how I swear by for marinara, being a bartender may have guided this

Good to know! Thanks!

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Dropping this on Twitter to promote this great community

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