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RE: FruitsAndVeggiesMonday ~ Jackfruit Curry 🍚

This looks perfect, way to knock it out of the park. The fun facts about Jack fruits are very interesting too. I’ve never seen packaged jackfruit (although I’ve never looked), our market has big ol huge jack fruits. My husband asks me what the enormous weird looking fruits are all the time.


This is what they look like scaled. Impressive right?!? Great entry @pusteblume, you sure aren’t going to make it easy this week.


Whoaaa! They are impressive indeed! I knew they were huge but you standing next to them makes it more conceivable! I am speechless! 😮

This isn’t me, I pulled it from Duck Duck Go. They are massive though. You don’t find them in our market every week but every time they show up, my husband asks what they are. Haha

Ahhh, ok! 😂

Wow! I've seen them once or twice, but I don't know if I've ever seen one that big! I can sometimes find whole ones at the international market, but I've been too scared to buy one so I usually get the canned. I'd love to taste a sweet ripe one sometime, though!

Yes, it's really impressive! 😃

I wouldn’t even know how to pick a ripe one. They are kind of intimidating. I mean, do you need a machete to crack one? Haha, I’m not sure.

... and thank you for the compliment! ☺️

You bet, you deserve a ton of compliments with this dish.

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