Fruits and Veggies Monday - What we grow in the garden?

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Dear fruit and veggie fan Steemies,
July is the time of abundance in various veggies, fruits and herbs! Some of them grow in beds covered with mulch and fertilized with rich plant compost (we do not use animal manure). Tomatoes and peppers grow beautifully, peppers are dark green yet but some tomatoes are turning red.

These big ones are all heart-shaped tomatoes:




Kapia peppers - they will turn red in some weeks!


Kohlraby, big and young:


Ruccola or pepper mustard, it grows wild and we use it as green spice:


Muscat sage, it has resinous and fragrant flowers, for spice:


Basil for various food, like pizza or tomato salad:


Carrots are small yet, but they have bushy greens:


Strawberry flavoured mint:


And finally, our garden-guard (in red fur-coat):



#FruitsAndveggiesmonday by @lenasveganliving

These photos are original and taken with Panasonic FZ82.

Click on the image to see my DaDa drawings:
Képernyőkép – 2018-06-02 11-10-17.png

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You have a beautiful orchard, as I would like to have a space where I can sow, much more now that in my country there is a great dryness of food.

Beautiful garden my Dear, with a wonderful variety of delicious veggies. And I absolutely love your guard. She is adorable! I am sure you don't have to worry about rabbits eating your plants, lol 🍇🍑🍌🍍🍒🍏🍅
1 Collage.jpg

Well, we had a rabbit this spring, he had sooo big ears! And he wasn't afraid of us, i took photos and video.

Oh really? That is hilarious lol. So you have friendly fox and rabbit. How wonderful 🌸💖🌸

We haven't seen the rabbit for long.

I hope the fox didn't eat him 😯

Green tomato is dangerous

All good product of nature.
Farming is good no matter how small

Jó összeállítás. Nekem ilyenkor a karalábé a kedvencem, de nem levesnek vagy főzve, hanem csakis nyersen. Szeretem csakúgy magéban rágcsálni. Nálunk a kertben most a folyton érő eper virágzik már másodjára ebben az évben. Úgyhogy lesz még egy pici eper szüretünk.

Nálunk még van egy pár szem málna, de a szeder most kezd érni. Mindkettőt imádom!

Those are lovely tomatoes! Make me want to go grab my salt shaker and settle down for a refreshing tomato lunch :)

I also love it with a little salt :)

@kalemandra nice post i like basil and strawbery.

Absolutely amazing! I love your garden! It always helps to have a fox haha. I need a nice yard to plant all my potted trees and veggies. It is much harder to keep them alive here in the Arizona desert heat! I already lost a few of my avocado saplings that I grew from seed. :( Your garden reminds me of the one I grew up with in San Jose California. Quarter acre lot, very fertile earth. We could grow lots of things.

Fortunately, we are living near the mountains, where rain is very frequent. The soil is also fertile, because we use plant compost.
Avocado? Oh, i love it! Once i tried to grow it from seed, but i had no success.

That is great! The soil here in the Phoenix area needs lots of amendments, it is claylike. People get lots of wood chips and mulch and then in time the soil improves. Yeah I have been fairly successful starting them from see, but 2 of my 3 saplings died...:( The heat here is too much for them. There are other varieties that will grow here, which I will try when I finally have a nice yard to plant in.

Dear jó, hogy már van piros paradicsomotok! Nekünk még zöld. És milyen szépek a paprikák! A kid róka pedig nagyon cuki 😊

Köszi! Nálunk, itt a déli oldal elég védett és meleg, ezért pirosodik a paradicsom. Délen, pl. Szeged környékén már lehet szedni. Ez a legfinomabb paradicsom a tapasztalatom szerint. Rókánk meg már kettő van, szerintem tesók!

These veggies look all so beautiful in their different shapes and colors! I haven't seen any red rucola yet, looks very exotic, does the taste differ from the one that is only green?

You sure have a lovely garden, Kalemandra, such a colorful fruit and veggie oasis is something I also strive for in the future 💚

That's a wild ruccola, and generally green. Some leaves are red, and they have the same taste.

Nice, definitely looks a hint more exciting that the regular one 😁

Nice garden coverage! I can almost smell the freshness.

All these veggies look so amazing! Love how each and every one of them is unique and a bit differently shaped. Must be great having all those veggies on hand!

And the tastes! They are sooo delicious!

It's so nice to have a garden of your own and grow vegetables and flowers! Beautiful photography, @kalemandra. Both guys - with and without fur are really cute. 😉

Oh, thank you!That guy without fur is my boyfriend :)

😄 😜 Congratulations!

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