💩-Cake, Anyone?

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Happy Fruits and Veggies Monday!

I know I cannot participate this week, but I still wanted to share something with you. A few days ago I actually redid the same cake I shared with you last week, just in a different shape. It was my boyfriend's birthday, and what would be a better birthday cake for a 23-year-old than a poop emoji -shaped cake, right?

IMG_20181207_154914 (1).jpg

Have a fun week, my friends! 😊

-Jasmin ❤


It looks funny)))

That was my goal, it's nice to know it was able to achieve it!
Thanks @dponbl4! :)

Hahaha, I'd be honored to get a poop emoji cake for birthday. 😂

Oh my gosh, why did you do poop??? LOL!!!

Haha, thank goodness it doesn't taste like poop!

That would not cross my mind, lol

Haha… love the poop cake. Happy birthday to your boyfriend. What kind of cookies did you use for the eyes? This is kind of genius @jasmine.

This is the best tasting poop you can find, I assure that! I actually melted vegan white chocolate, let it cool down and then vegan dark chocolate for the pupils. :)

That’s amazing! You killed it with a capital K. I’d take a slice of your poop any time (did I really just say that?). Haha

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