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Last night auntie went to her friend's son's wedding. A few hours later, she came back with a few types of these weird looking peach. Peach is already not common around here where I live or in Thailand, in general. This type of peach, never before I had tried or seen!!

It's a little less thick than the normal one. Almost looks like a flower.. Is this common elsewhere and I'm just the only one under the rock? I was excited to see and tried it. Once I did, it's pretty much just a normal peach but somehow more bland I would say..


Weird Saturn Peaches

I was still curious this evening after we ate it but I didn't even know what word to use for googling. I went for 'weird type of peach' and the exact same thing just suddenly popped up. I must not be the first one who's curious about this.

Saturn peaches are flatter than fruit of more popular peach varieties. Their skin is yellow and red, and they are less fuzzy than many other peaches. The inside of the Saturn peach is pale yellow to white in appearance.


I don't think I like you so much Weird Saturn Peaches. If I see you in the supermarket next time, no worries, you won't be eaten by me. You will still be there on the shelves waiting for the next customers, promise!




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dude they are way sweeter and yummier than the regular peach! <3 :)

Thank you for your wonderful sharing. Great post!

These peaches are very popular with us in Germany because they taste extremely aromatic. You can buy them in any supermarket. Delicious and healthy :)

Serious??? I didn't spot any when I was there or I was just not observative enough. I didn't like the taste of it though but thanks for sharing!

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Very interesting! I had not seen Saturn peaches before. Were they just as tasty?

They're bland :-|

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haha that photo!


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I have never tasted one because i don't like peaches, but i have seen them advertised as doughnut peaches, the healthy alternative to doughnuts.

That's super interesting to know 🍑🍩

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