Fruit that is BANNED in USA

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It is a fact that some of the fruits are banned in USA hance there are strick roles about them. One of the fruits that is banned in USA is "Mirabelle Plum". It is the small, oval-shaped, and dark yellow fruit that is grown on a medium sized tree called mariabelle palm tree. It is sweet, delecious and full of flavour, having its own taste and mostly it is used in fruit preservatives and dessert pies. This fruit was first grown in France, and for now, 70 percent of the world’s mirabelle production is holded by France. They are producibg the fruit since 1996.

Why it is banned in USA?
It is promoted as a high-quality regional product, therefore it has the highly protected origin and the designation makes it almost impossible to get this fruit into the US. The US Food and Drug Administration has a Trade agreement with France regarding Mirabelle plums that has been designed to protect the French market. The fruit has a protected origin designation making true Mirabelle Plums almost impossible to get in the US. This is similar to many products that bear names from specific regions with the most well known champagne. If it wasn't made in the Champagne region of France, it must be labeled sparkling wine. Here in the US, we have products like that as well such as bourbon. If it's not made in Kentucky, it can't be called bourbon. That's why Jack Daniels is called sour mash whiskey as its made it Tennessee.


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