Five months of eating outside...only fruit...results are in!!!

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Five months ago I vowed to eat Al Fresco (outside) for 21 days. Here I am today...still going...and I ain't gonna stop anytime soon. It just feels unnatural to eat inside. 🤔

I mean...goodness...the benefits are huge!!!

By eating outside you are...

🌬Adapting to the elements

🌍Grounding to the Earth and mingling with the microbes to shift your frequency and body ecology.

🐦Lowering stress with sights and sounds of nature and preparing your body for digestion and assimilation

🌳Breathing in less toxins

🌞Charging your solar panels and promoting deeper sleep

🍉Charging your food with the elements

🐒Sitting in less restrictive, more natural postures (such as squatting and side-sitting)

😋Tuning into and savoring every bite

🎒Reducing tendencies to overeat because you can only eat what you brought.

👁👁 Allowing your eyes to rest by gazing into the distance.

🤸🏽‍♂️Inviting novelty and spontaneity into your life by changing your perspective and exploring your surroundings

Melons are by far my favorite fast food on-the-go. What's your favorite?

Ok who wants to join me for another dine outside challenge? I'd love to see some pics of your Al Fresco Adventures. ❤️



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You are looking great, I love these types of challenges, I wish I could do this!


Awww thanks for your support!!! What's stopping you? 😊

Hi there! Nice to meet you. Really informative post. I like it! My favorite? Bananas. Have a nice adventure!



Nice!!!! I started my fruity journey on bananas!!! Healed myself from a lot of symptoms 😊 Thank you! Enjoy your adventure as well!!!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Wow 5 months eating outside?! That quite inspiring! I ate my lunch outside today and it was really refreshing! I'll have to remember to do it more often! What if your eating say, mangos? Do you cut them up outside, or you go full fruitarian and peel back the skin by hand?


Haha! Yah I'm such a monkey with fruit that I'd just peel the mango back and gobble without a knife. Melons aren't as easy to do this with 😉