chilli which used to be its high price but now decreased by 50%

in #fruit3 years ago

good afternoon steemit friend that I love.

I this afternoon will post about chili.

chili is now the price started to fall, because in the market again flood chilli,

comes a lag a child wants to buy materials for the kitchen.

so many of my short stories.


most important thing: do good posts

second important thing: as newbie with low Steempower it is recommended to upvote yourself as much as possible (your own posts + comments + replies)

third thing: watch your voting power: - one vote costs you 2 % and every 24 hours it will recover 20 %, so you can cast aprox 10 votes per day !

fourth thing: follow and metion @cleverbot and @banjo in your posts or comments, they will give you additional upvotes (aprox 1 or 2 cents per post) - but please behave and do not exhaust them in a missusing way !

fifth thing: if you have some SBD in your account already use @minnowbooster and @morwhale and @drotto to boost your posts a little and to get broader audience...

for example check the graph at , check what upvotes are available and send in 0.01 SBD using your wallet with your posts URL in memo (not older than 2 days) @ minnowbooster - they will upvote you with aprox 200 % return (in this case 0.02 SBD)...

Thank you friend,
has given directions to me,
I am very glad there is a friend who gave directions for me.

Do I? Why do you think that?

Do you mean if I like to flirt?

I1m human, so I have ears.

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