The Fruit Of Sago Palm Fruit Which Is Getting Rare

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Show of hands who has never eat boh meuria?. Yaa. I believe, surely all already tasted it. The people of Aceh most certainly never enjoy the delights of the fruit that rich in benefits. Especially those who lived before the year 2005. Boh Meuria now increasingly rare, is rarely we find in the place of sale the fruit is not even there anymore, most can be encountered in the township course and even then if it is still there.
Boh meuria, Latin Metroxylon sagu. If the language of the national fruit sago palm. Thatch or also called the sago tree is the name of a kind of palm-producing sago flour. Sago palm typically grows in fresh water marshes, river flow and soil bencah other. On areas, thatch can form a garden or sago forest area. On the village community's sago palm leaf used as the roof of the house, the roof of the cottage in the garden or rice fields.
If in Aceh, the fruit of the sago palm is widely available in Meulaboh, West Aceh. First, in the heyday of the fruit of the sago palm, if people go to Meulaboh definitely buy fruit of the sago palm as a souvenir. Fruit of the sago palm is somewhat similar to the salak fruit, if the fruit of the sago palm scales the fruit is rather large, it chelates, but if you have the old sense of kelatnya a little lost and began to arise a little sweet taste, if you want to eat it marinated first, a new satisfying meal to eat. If you have not marinated the most steady eaten with patarana or pliek `u.
In the kampong we, used to be a lot of fruit rumbia this but I don't know what the cause of the fruit thatch is rarely achieved even there any more. One-two-tree still can be encountered in the villages but do not bear fruit again.
In addition to marinated, boh meria is usually eaten along with a salad, used as one of a mixture of broken along with other fruits. Because the fruit of the sago palm are difficult to obtain then the sellers of rujak replace it with banana young. Whereas rujak with boh meuria very delicious.
So my first small, bough thatch or peulepah meuria often we use for raw materials.

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