Went to an apple farm

in #fruit6 years ago

Last Wednesday, I went to Aptos CA to pick up some fresh apples before heading to Santa Cruz for a mtb ride.

Bella Farms has been in the area for quite a while growing a variety of apples and selling to markets around the state.

Their road side stand is based on the honor system, you fill a bag and submit your $5 into a metal post that is cemented into the ground.

35 miles from San Jose to Aptos

There is a sign up there which states that people have been stealing their apples. I think because of this, they have been placing the smaller apples into the cartons. I remember that they have been larger a few years ago...

Do you get fresh fruits where you are?


Those apples look great. I love fruit and luckily we have plenty in our town. and get it fresh from local producers.

I really like the apple, man. It is adorable to enjoy this juicy and Deliciosq fruit. You took great pictures. The theft is terrible. Because they are people who like easy things by stealing the work and effort of others. Thank you very much for sharing these photos of this delicious fruit. A big hug.

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