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Took a trip to visit the Hermiston Melon Company in Hermiston Oregon to pick up the best seeded watermelon in the northwest! I met up with great guy and owner of the farm Bob Walchli. I had been getting Bob's cantaloupe in my local supermarkets this summer but no stores were carrying his famous seeded watermelon so I knew I had to take a trip to get a bin.

Here's my haul of over 50 juicy watermelon!
Caught the beautiful sunrise on the way down.
Bob's company truck.
Section of his tomato field.
They had some huge orders going out!
Super sweet!

So many benefits of watermelon!

I'm glad I am able to support my local farmers and encourage everyone to meet the people that grow your food instead of relying on corporations to feed you. It really does make a difference knowing where your food comes from and makes the experience all that more enjoyable knowing it was grown with love!

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Watermelon has always been one of my favorites.

Ohhhhh look at that!!!!! This time I envy you!!!
Nice environment as well:)
HAve a happy Monday!

I'm so glad I finally got stocked up on my favorite fruit! I'll be eating good for the next few weeks for sure :P. Have a great day!

I'm so happy for u really.Enjoy your watermelons!!! Yummy sweet!
Are you still planning to move to the South?

Yes, around fall/winter I'll be exploring down their.

that's a big adventure though. Keep us updated and i wish you all the best:)

For sure! I will definitely be sharing some great content when I'm out their!

Great post flatearthvegan. You've probably already heard about this guy, Dr Morse, if not here it is: http://www.truthseekerz.com/Robert_Morse_-_The_Detox_Miracle_Sourcebook_EBOK.pdf
In his book he is writing about "raw foods and herbs for complete cellular regeneration".

Appreciate that! I'm aware of his work but have not checked that book out, I'll definitely take a look! Thanks for the suggestion much love!

nothing better than watermelon for the summer.
unfortunately they don't grow where I am, but my local supermarket has organic watermelons in stock from time to time.
my dream is to move somewhere where I can grow my own watermelons.

They actually don't even carry seeded watermelon in my area but luckily it's only a couple hour drive to the nearest farm that carries them. They are super hydrating, I barely even get phased during heatwaves. I would love to grow my own melons in the future as well! Thanks for stopping by have a good one!

That is one thing I don't grow. Raised beds don't work well for watermelon. They look good though.

They are super sweet! You sound like quite the gardener, I'll definitely be giving you a follow...peace!

Awesome, there's few things better than drinking some watermelon juice on a hot day...Enjoy!

True that brother!

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I will follow any flat earth vegan. Thanks for being one.

Thank you!!! Followed back ✅

@flatearthvegan your focused intentions and attention to do wonderful activities are AWESOME - Cheers!