Banana Fruits From My Perspective

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Good day fellow steemians..In this post, i would like to share about banana parents grows many types of fruit trees in their of them are bananas..raw banana would be green in colour and change to yellow colour when ripe..sometimes i will help them sell at my workplace..price range would be MYR2 to, they would get around MYR40..even though the sum are small, but they still happy because it's a hard earn son really love to eat banana..he can finish 5 to 6 bananas a day..but he love pisang goreng the most..such a gluttonous toddler..haha..according to wiki, banana supply 89kcal per 100g and rich in vitamin B6..banana hearts can be cook and it's really delicious if you cook it with santan..slurpp..ok..i think i stop here for now..till then..sayonara..c u next in my next post..


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My favorites. Thanks of sharing :)

Ur most welcome..

Excellent post!

Thanks for reading..

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