Jambu dan nanas ynag siap dipanen#harvest of pineapple and pineapple fruit in our house#{so ek jak bak long}

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hallo friends steemit and steemian friends all. how are you all, hopefully we are given ease in any case and in giving health also .aaamiiinnnnn
on this evening I will post pineapple fruit in my house that can almost be harvested and guava fruit to harvest

pada malam ini saya akan posting buah nanas di rumah saya yang hampir bisa dipanen dan buah jambu biji untuk panen .
Inilah fotonya image image image image

  this is a pineapple fruit and pineapple fruit in our house that will be harvested and this is what I can show to my friends all .. sorry if there is a mistake.        @ jailani08 do not forget to upvote and follow yan kawan2 hopefully we can help each other. thanks .
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