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in frontrunner •  2 years ago

The most profitable curation guild on STEEM, join us now and become one of the profitable ones, make money on your money!

Just follow these three steps and watch your SteemPower grow!

  • go to your wallet/permissions and copy your private posting key
  • Register your private posting key here
  • Stop voting yourself & de-list from trails and other guilds, when your vote-power is up at 80-100% frontrunner will automatic vote on your behalf. Let it stay that way and watch your SteemPower grow!

If you need a second account just for curation, you can buy one at and delegate SteemPower to it from your main account using the Vessel-Wallet.


Powered by @Booster, @Fyrstikken & @Inertia

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"make money on your money!"

"earning" resources without producing any yourself makes you a leech.


Steemd tells me that you're active in using your VP. The value of your votes is also earned without producing. So, I'm curious how you'd resolve using voting with your above statement.

This isn't a troll; when I spot humans behaving in ways that appear to me to be inconsistent then I first assume there's a sophistication of which I am not aware. I'm interested in belief systems; your answers will help me understand yours better.

This is interesting, I'm in. Going to use a second account to do this, got some good people backing this- definitely worth trying!

Edit, looks like I need 500 steempower to start lol this is going to be a while. Anyways props @fyrstikken and @inertia, this is super interesting! Will try when I can c:


your looking so beautiful

Anyone giving away his/her private key to someone else is a 100% certified moron.


posting key, they can't touch your crypto currency. only upvote and well they could go crazy and post stuff but these are two of the most reputable guys ( @booster and @inertia ) I know of on steemit.

Any articles or post backing up what you claim just out of curiosity. Im sure it beats my curation rewards I was just wondering what kind of returns we could exoect by joining

Hi frontrunner, I jumped on the train too fast, now I feel uncomfortable. Why should I give up my voting power to let others decide which article is good or not. This grabbing for votes/money spoils the whole platform. I know the main slogan of steemit is about money. I am here for quality content n the first place and I dont want use your service.

that is a brileant perpormance

I do not understand anything if I'm a moron

Can anyone prove this works? How much you get with this?

saving this for later ;)

This sounds interesting... I keeping my eyes on this for the very near future!

Now...if I only had the 500 minimum SP to join.


Congratulations @frontrunner, this post is the forth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Newbie account holder (accounts that hold between 0.01 and 0.1 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by newbie account holders during this period was 1246 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $1037.22. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

It really works.. the curation rewards go up drastically, but for a minnow with 500SP you go maybe to 1 SP per week


I can do 0.5 per day on curating manualy so it make little sense to join this group for just 1sp per week. I prefer to use my influence and decide on my own.


I'm just sad that 500 Sp is still a minnow :( I guess I'm plankton LOL

Is it paid in daily dividends like @minnowbooster?

I'm too weak!

You have an awesome work done
check my new post

So what is the difference if one upvotes by himself or either you upvote for him from his account?

hi i m a in steemit please vot and follow me soon


Begging for votes is rude. Your content will speak more than begging ever will.

Very nice and very smart of you bro. Dig

I'm seeing this post kind courtesy @Fyrstikken. I followed ya from @Gyzimo's page because of your humanitarian reasons. Greetings from #teamGhana, Africa. I'm following you now @Fyrstikken.

really good

wow Men ... go go go

need to check into this further.... Thanks for the information....

Filled out the form! Is this all I have to do?

wow realy????

Is there a way to pause being part of the guild? I don't have much voting power and it is upvoting everything at 100%


You can always change your password.


Yea that is essentially what I did.

nyc post

Is it safe to share your private key?is it for new accounts also.

nice one. thanks for the information

It's a great idea to support everyone who is working on steemit. I truly congratulate you on your success.

I sent in the form to apply, how do I know if I was accepted.

plesse reply me and vote

very nice

Interesting idea. I'm gonna save this to look at again later.

Is there a way I can join this now? @frontrunner


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