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Games about robots who kill each other in turn based levels. The stories are about pilots who have to stop dangerous organizations and they use huge robots called wanzers to do that. The robots can be customized before each battle with different body parts, colors and weapons. Front Mission Evolved is a real time third person shooter and it’s more action oriented, which makes it different than the other parts.

Front mission 3 centers around Kazuki Takemura who is a pilot for wanzers. He needs to deliver wanzers with his friend to a base. But they won’t let him in the base, and he leaves. Soon, he finds out that his sister is in the base and he returns violently. After some fighting while trying to escape from the security, he finds his sister but he is characterized as a terrorist.

In this part, there are options that can affect the story. The players can choose different paths that will lead them to different outcomes.

Front Mission Evolved

Front Mission Evolved is a game that is in third person. The players control the wanzers and they move, shoot, evade and try to kill the enemy wanzers. Also, the levels need to be crossed from the beginning to the end, which is different from the previous games where the object usually was to defeat the enemies. This game has a lot of action and less strategy, but the wanzers can still be customized.

The games have good stories but they also require critical thinking, planning and strategy. The pilots gain experience after each attack and they become more proficient with the weapons or the skills. The stages can become harder later in the game and the players should control the evolution of the protagonists.

If you want to find out more about the parts in this series, visit this link:

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