Front row seats

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Front row seats at the game, virtually guaranteed

Imagine if your armchair was a front row seat at the big game…

There’s nothing like watching your favorite team live. Whether it’s courtside seats at the NBA final, or having the perfect view of that Superbowl. Getting involved with live sport is thrilling!

We can’t all be there to enjoy it live though, with tickets being highly limited and increasingly expensive- not to mention the hassles of getting there and even finding a babysitter! Until now, the only alternative was to watch the game on television or the internet- but it never really feels the same on such a small screen. What if you could have the full immersive experience as you do live, without any of the hassles?

This is where virtual reality comes in! CEEK VR is revolutionising the way we engage with live events, including sports. Through the power of the CEEK platform you can be in prime position to enjoy the game. The wide-angle of viewing through the headsets makes the experience truly immersive, so you can see the whole stadium, turn around to see the crowd going wild, and even walk around to get a different view.

Founder and CEO of CEEK, Mary Spio visited the Kentucky Wildcats to imagine what linking live sport with VR could look like. Soon, fans around the world will all be able to support their local team, at home and away games, from wherever they are.

With the innovative new direction of CEEK VR, in running its technology on the blockchain, a new world of possibilities opens up- from digital merchandising, to celebrity coin casting.
By attending the game in VR, you could buy or win unique digitally signed items, like signed shirts. These limited edition memorabilia will then become rare collector items, whether they are purely digital, or have physical counterparts- like if your signed shirt arrived in the mail.
Beyond this, celebrity coin casting allows star players or teams to ‘mint’ their own unique digital coins within the CEEK virtual environment. Like digital merchandise, these will be rare, coveted among fans as they allow for extra features, like VIP events, voting on the platform, and interacting with the star athletes.

Virtual reality is here, and its shaking up multiple industries simultaneously from music, and education, to social causes, and now to sport. As pioneering and award winning developers of premium social, virtual and augmented reality experiences, CEEK is leading the way in VR adoption. To join our team and find out more about how we are reimagining the world, visit us at CEEK.IO.

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