How does Frisbee Work?

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Hello and welcome, my friend!

I know very well why you are here, you are investigating a little more about a sport, that for me, it is super fun! I will not lie to you, it will tire you too much, but it will help you get endurance, agility and also, it helps you to lose the fear of receiving any type of flying object, such as a UFO. Although if you think about it, the frisbee disc is very similar to a UFO, so at least every day we get closer to being in communication with our friends the aliens.

Returning to the subject, I practice this sport 3 to 4 times a week, not in a team as such, but with my faithful partner who is the only one who agrees to play this with me, my father.

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And for you, I know you want to know more about Frisbee because you sure want to start playing it, I'll leave you some related information.

The Frisbee or Ultimate, is a sport that is played as a team, is highly competitive and as I told you above, very funny. It helps you to do enough physical exercise and also, to be a team sport, which has to be very united, helps with the fraternity among its members.

Many years ago this sport was created, in the 60's to be exact, in a high school called "Maplewood" in New Jersey. Today, that sport has spread all over the world and is played in more than 50 countries.

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It can be said that its form of the game is something similar to the one of the American Football. The field of the game will be divided into different zones, at each end are the annotation of each team, and to be able to have a point or a goal is necessary to receive the disk from that zone of annotation, that of the opposing team of course.

The team that has the disc will be offensive until it loses the disc if it loses it becomes defensive. To mark a person has to do with both arms horizontally, this is so that the person can not release the disc (this part is more like basketball) and the person with the disc only has 10 seconds to release it Before being penalized.

This sport is one of the few that have mixed teams since there is no necessary contact between the members, that is why there are teams of only men, only women or mixed teams.

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As you told yourself there are several similarities with other sports, but with what I have said, you have a base so you can start playing, either with a partner, or with many people, you do not need an army to play, As I told you, I only play it with my father and it's more than fun to throw it and then use all your energy to catch it.

Now tell me what are you waiting for to take a record and release it?  

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