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We have updated the Friend Train. If you think we have missed you off the list then leave me a comment below. Also if you would like to ride the train and gain lot's more followers then follow the steps below to get added.

The idea of the Friend Train is really just to boost followers and engagement here on Steemit.
So here is what you need to do to get involved.

So the current rules are that to be added to the train you have to

1/ Follow me as the Original Poster and every passenger on the train.
2/ Comment in the comments section that you would like to be added to the train and you will be listed below
3/ Re-steem the post to bring a wider audience in (More People To Follow You)
4/ UpVote the post - The more Steem Power we generate the more we can boost you
But there will now be on going qualifications designed to cut away the dead wood so once you have been added to the train we then need you to show us that you want to continue to ride so you must qualify to continue to ride the train.

5/ Existing passenger must Follow all NEW passengers that ride the train
6/ You must Comment and UPVOTE the update posts as they are published.
7/ You must Re-Steem the updated Friend Train post

Failure to do so will result in the guard removing you from the train. All tickets will be checked.

Like I said these changes are being made so that the list can be maintained at a sensible level, it's a way to cut the dead wood. You don't get on the train and continue to ride without renewing your ticket (steps 5-6-7)

Let me know you have seen these changes and understand in the comments below

The Friend Train



This is a great idea. Hopefully everyone can enjoy some great photography from my additions. Thanks everyone! STEEM ON!!!

are you joining us?

i've resteemed the friend train, upvoted it, and followed all those listed. Is there more i need to do? Thanks!

Cool! I've added the latest additions to the train ride!

awesome steem on


Wooo! All aboard! Please add me to the steem friend train guys! @mkultra87f

you need to complete all the steps and let me know when you have

phew! that took longer than expected but I think I'm now following the entire train!

Hi, I've completed all the steps yesterday, but haven't been added... Thanks!

thats cause we havnt updated yet, your be on the next update

really needed this speeding things up now

All steps completed. Choo choo!

The friend train is a wonderful thing for many people. I personally would not be able to keep up.

I am happy to add people with similar interests when I see you, and I go through my followers list at least 2x a week to follow back people with interesting content. So follow me if you like, and I will still upvote the train when it passes my station :)

no worries it is not for everyone... the list is now quite big and thats why we made the changes. im sure a few will now drop away and thats fine cause now you need a ticket on every update, no free rides

No deadwood here. :) Followed all the new folks, upvoted, and resteemed.

great job keep on riding

Ok, I have followed all the steps. Please let me come onboard

just added you

Thank you

I would like to be added...

Hi girl !jump on the train!

your be on the next update

Please add me @alexthemagician to the train, I've completed all the steps. Thanks @infobunny

Any updates? Took me quite a while to follow everyone on the train.

your be on the next update

Ok thanks, appreciate it.

very good idea ☺

you getting involved?

no, it's good for you I mean

its good for everyone

when the train will be big it will be hard to find someone in it ☺

you didnt read the update then ?

This is not gonna work since the things are changing after the hard fork. Think about it from that view and tell me.

Hard fork has nothing to do with gaining followers.

am jumping on this train add me up😃

i dont see a resteemed train on your feed

Could you kindly remove me from the train please? Thank you

Timber .... you have been removed

I appreciate all the work you are putting in to keep this thing going. #Salute

your welcome, thanks for riding, your see your followers move in the right direction if you continue to do so

don't see a resteem on your page? @bmoneey974

When you look closely, I'm tagged two times in the post. I hope no one was replaced by my second tag!
Yeah, I'm gonna follow everyone in the list ;-)

thanks fixed it.

don't see a resteem on your page?

I would like to get on the train. lol just slow down I can jump on.

Thanks so much, I've been enjoying the train. It's a great idea! Will go through later this afternoon and make sure I've followed everyone who's onboard. Appreciate all you've done here! Resteemed :)

awesome thanks

I've added all the new riders.. commented on everyone's post and added the train GIF... please let me know if I've missed anyone. Thanks for all you're doing on this @infobunny - great idea!!

ok i followed everyone and upvoted and resteemed so can i get on now

next update yes

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pheewwwww.... im ready to board the train

next update yes

Done am ready to board ,loved the idea hope u stick to it

i dont see a resteem post on your feed

It is there . refresh my link

thats not the update post

Kindly @ me which was to be poseted

on the other thread your telling people to be careful cause no one has added you, why would they your not on the list yet and before you get anywhere near the list you need to follow the rules of the list

followed the new steemies on the list, voted and resteemed... Have a great day !

your be on the next update

Good idea!i just completed as well!

i would like to ride/add the steem train too :)

great job your be on the next update

Thank You :)

your welcome... are you also on The8APP? I will follow you there as well

i did reg there before will check my account. thanks

tag @dexterroona in a post so i can find you

Please can I join the friend train?

you can if you follow all the steps above

Hi there. I have completed all the steps and would like to join this awesome train

thanks we will add you on the next update

@maretha94 are you also on the8app, i will follow you there as well

@philip.willemse @the-housewife Hey, I will tag you in a few posts that might help you understand more.. @steeming and earning @steem ;-)

Done. All on list followed, upvoted and resteemed. Glad to be aboard.
I also read your post regarding people who disagree with this idea. Their right but how do you find friends in the real world? You meet them somewhere and determine if they are right for you. This is a great idea to get introduced to new people and help them out at the same time. Kudos.

I think I got missed the first go round? I don't see my name here. Got all the new followers this time and will be watching out. Thanks for the tip on the add-on to open all the links in tabs, that made it a breeze!

I've completed all the steps and would like to join the train. Choo Choo. thanks infobunny. You rock

All updated and would live to get on the train please! Thanks for organising this @infobunny, it's really helpful.

:O All abooooooard!!! choooooo chooo

Chexk i am all over this, upvote resteem and following...though it may take a few minutes to click them all!

CHEWWW CHEWWWWW add me to the train

Am interested to join the friend train as well :)

Have you completed the steps?

Yea.. just following all the members now.. that is the only step left

@infobunny completed the steps