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We have updated the Friend Train. If you think we have missed you off the list then leave me a comment below. Also if you would like to ride the train and gain lot's more followers then follow the steps below to get added.

The idea of the Friend Train is really just to boost followers and engagement here on Steemit.
So here is what you need to do to get involved.

1/ Follow me as the Original Poster and every passenger on the train.
2/ Comment in the comments section that you would like to be added to the train and you will be listed below
3/ Re-seem the post to bring a wider audience in (More People To Follow You)
4/ UpVote the post - The more Steem Power we generate the more we can boost you

The Friend Train



Put me on the train !

Have you completed the steps

Yes, all set!

ALL ABOOOOOARD!!! Choooo choooooo

Thank you, much appreciated! Have a great day.

Glad to be on the train! I post many nature photos and videos if anyone enjoys that sort of thing!

have you completed the steps?

I've done all the steps for inclusion! Sign me up Boss! @sircork

your be on the next update

Could you also add me i followed the steps and followed most of the people some didnt go through ill do it again once im bach at my computer

Please add me to the train

I completed the steps yesterday but am not involved today's train :(

you are now

I too did, but I will again.

great idea!
done following you and voting and resteem..
please i want to aboard the friend train! thank you!
here I give you my Upvote! :)

Great idea - please add me to the "train".

I've followed everyone on the list - would greatly appreciate follow backs!

I have done all the steps so please allow me a ticket for the train.

thnx i could use some help as i am new here -- i followed you and upvoted this post and am now starting to follow the list above -- please include me in the next train --D

Yah I saw my name in lights ! Thank you :-)
Your list is getting BIG

I'll drink to that..

i have plans for that ;-)

Im happy to join, followed all the steps and i hope i did not miss anyone in the long list.

i also want to be the part of this train follow me

Have you completed the steps?

i have followed you resteem your post

Check, check, check AND CHECK!!
One-way ticket on the Steemit Friend Train please!!

great next update coming soon

All on the list are now followed and i upvoted their content and commented on their posts if they had one too - i hope you will make sure i am included on the next train -- i really enjoyed reading some of the posts and like the group feel a lot.

great next update coming soon

Hi @infobunny . I would like to hop onto this train too please. Followed and resteemed.

completed all the steps yesterday... and followed everyone on the list .. I hope I will get on the next list ...

great next update coming soon

ok nice! but i dont understand the app your supporting. Are you active in the steem chat?

Not yet but i am on fb chat as dexter.roona

Im on steemchat now