New Pictures of Dog and Owl's Unique Friendship Went Viral

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New pictures of Non-nature and unique friendship between Owl and Dog in Germany are published which immediately went viral on social media. Friendship of both animals and these pictures are getting ridiculous in the public.

When a man comes in this world, he gets involved in different relationships and we do not choose the relationship, though he is in our control. But friendship is a great relationship that we choose by ourselves, and it expands with every interest, when friendship does not have any color, race, and gender imprisonment.

We have heard many stories of friend animals. In the year 2015, there was a unique friendship of Owl and Dog and their friendship still remains.

Foreign Photographer Tanja Barant has recently captured the pictures of "Shepherd-born dog" and "Poddy" of Germany's 'Angu', which you will be surprised to see.


I love to see those pictures. German Shepherds are amazing gentle giants!

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Lol !! That’s a rare combination :) might be friends of same race in previous birth ;)

Hahah! Maybe you are right :D