The meaning of a friendship

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a friendship or that we often call it with the word friendship is one of the words that may be very often heard in our ears. Then what exactly is meant by that friendship?
Maybe what you are thinking is could be the answer of a friendship, nahh .. Actually the meaning of a friendship is a form of mutual cooperation between each other, Friendship can also make a person happy but also can make a person suffering even hurt. some Things that often happen to a friendship will have a positive impact on our lives.


maybe some people have not understood and whether the friendship can be equated with friendship? perhaps if taken in a simple sense of the word, the two things may be equated, but if interpreted more deeply, they are actually very different. for example, A person can be our friend anytime and maybe in a short time, and also if we meet someone somewhere then we get acquainted with that person then automatically that person will become one of the people in our friend list.

but different from the word friendship, for example someone to be a friend for us not in a short time, must require a long process to become a friend, because in friendship is needed trust, loyalty, consent, honesty and also some things- other things that could be the material to form a friendship.


Sometimes what we experience for friendships is exhausting and also annoying, but that is what makes a friendship a very beautiful value, a Friendship also often presents trials, but a strong friendship can overcome any such trials.

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