USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Part-21

in friendship •  4 months ago

Dear Steemians,

You might know that we are running a farm in Bangladesh and @kenny-crane and myself is part of the business as investors. I was making delay to post about our friendship chicken farming business as we had a long gap for EID and Rhamadan vacation. Also, I was feeling hard to share the post as the profit was not as I expected.


We started a new batch this week and this time we started with only 1100 chicks because one of my brothers is going to play election and we will be busy more. The election will be 30 July. Also, the profit from the last batch decreased our confidence level and thus we want to take a lower risk this time. The river is full of water and as you know our farm is very close to the river. The maximum number of our chicken should be 1600 and we were growing more than that which was risky. We made a good profit from the 2nd batch because of chicken weight. This time my dad was sick and we were busier in the hospital to home and home to hospital. It affected our business and our chickens average weights were 1.40 KG.

@kenny-crane invested 40 steem to the farm a few months ago and the capital allowed me to use in Bangladesh. The profit @kenny-crane makes from the farming business goes directly to @SchoolForSDG4.

ItemsAmount in BDTIN USD
Total number of chickens2000----
Total cost3294104117.625
Per chicken cost164.7052.059

Last time the total cost of the chicken was 3920.11 USD and we had a great profit. I was expecting a good profit even one few days before we sell the chickens.

The expected the cost would be not more than 1.56 USD per chicken when we started the project but the price of chicks and big chickens raised last few months. So, @kenny-crane was the owner of 78/2.059 = 37.88 chickens and last time he was owning 39.59 chicks.

We sold 1947 chickens and the death ratio was 2.72 % and last time it was 2.10%. The death ratio was good so far I can see. And the number of death for 250 chickens were 6.8 chickens while the last batch it was 5.25 chickens.

ItemsAmount in BDTIN USD
Total Sold Amount3574294467.8625
Total Profit(350.235-200 Labour cost) = 12018.8150.235
Each chicken profit(12018.8/1947) = 6.170.08

The profit we made from 250 Chickens.

Total We made>>>20.00

From the last batch, @kenny-crane donated 16.63 USD for @SchoolForSDG4. This time he is going to donate 3.03 USD for the Bangladeshi slum kids education from the profit he made from the friendship poultry farming business. You can check the previos report post from HERE.

Our new Batch Chicks ( 4 April, 2018)

The post will be edited if found any mistake. Good Night all. Also look forward to writing overall school revenue and expense report and so many things in real-life. Always appreciate your support for me. Especially thanks to my friend @kenny-crane for the support. Also, as we planned, Our 3 cycles were completed and now Kenny will decide how he wants to use the profit from the business.

Have a Good Sunday!

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N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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I am happy to hear that we made a profit even with all the things that were against us with this batch. You do a lot of good work for so many people and now you also do work on this chicken business even though you are busy with many things. I thank you for all the good work you do!

We will talk on Discord about what I may do with future profits. I am thinking about it now and we will talk when the next batch of chickens is sold. Have a great weekend!


thank you @kenny-crane. I look forward to chatting about next batch and will try to share the updates here too.


Hello @kenny-crane
May i involve in this business?


You would have to talk to @azizbd about that.


Ok thank you so much @kenny-crane
I will get in touch with @azizbd

Hi @azizbd, it's amazing that you have a business that donates profits to @SchoolForSDG4. I've read about your education initiative and I'm very interested to know more about it. Truth be told, I am part of @projectgiving where we are @sndbox sponsored project that funds great initiatives like yours.

How about we have some chat on Discord? Add me tifaong#4939 :)


Thank you for your comment. I just sent you a hey and also I read your post from project giving. That's amazing. The problem I face is less time to give on steemit when @lindahas came forward to help by sharing school, women empowerment content on steemit and I am happy that more people are joining to support that way. Will be nice to chat with you.

I know you have been by to vote on a few things and I do appreciate it. Been wondering how your Dad is getting along? The profit will get better when you aren’t so pressured to get things done..


Dad is much better than before. he uses a helper to walk now but can't do personal things like a normal people. I am happy that we are a big family and someone always here to help him. Yes. the profit was normal if we had fewer chickens, We had dad operation, and it was Ramadan, month of fasting and so on. It was hard days but profit was fewer than I expected. But we are trying again with this batch and let's see. Thanks for all the support @mother2chicks


Nice to have a big family to help your Dad get around. I am glad he is doing better. You have been very busy with projects and family, thanks for keeping in touch. We recently learned a similar lesson about chickens, had too many and they just get stressed out and pick at each other when they are crowded. Just giving a few away helped to ease the girl’s minds and now they are laying eggs like crazy. I guess even chickens need their own space. 🐓🐓

You’re doing a great job and I’m sure it’ll pay off. I’ve been so busy here but want to keep talking to you and plan something nice!

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