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> "FRIENDSHIP is a golden like the stars in heaven, hope it could'nt be broken untill we meet again"


FRIENDS are really important to us. They are what an individual needs, someone whom can share our happiness and whom we can turn to when we are in need. A friend is one of the nicest thing you can have, one of the best thing you can be.

> "A Friend is a living treasure"

Sometimes we neglected and ignored the feeling and approach of our friends. We dont care if we hurt them and we dont bother asking apologies with our mistakes anf nuisances. Sometimes we disregard then and we sometimes give more value the ones that we have just met, but still they are behind us keep on loving and understanding us. That is how they value the spirit of friendship in you, but do you retort in return of their goodness?

We should always remember that true friends are seldom to be found. So, if you want to have fruends, you must be a real friend, too. In real friendship, you wont mind how less that you take, it is how you share the memories together.

Friendship is the essence of humanity and its language is not word but its meaning. Dont wait untill such time that your friend will be lost from you, but instead, strengthen your bond as,friends. If you are true to yourself and you are willing to be a friend in prosperity and adversity then you could be an ideal friend to everybody. Sometimes, we could feel that our friends neglect us, but we should be patient enough and exonerate, and just think of those beautiful memories you have shared.

In this world we cannot survive without FRIENDS. So, be also a FRIEND.

Thanks for dropping by guys....

God bless steemians


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