Quiz Bowl With My Neighbors.

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The bar across the street from my house @mothermuffs is a corner stone in Colorado Springs Westside. They have weekly Triva Qiuz competitions and my neighbors are always over here playing. Well apparently tonight is the finals called the "Quiz Bowl" and the winners earn a trip to Las Vegas to a national competition. I dont play this quiz game but I came over tonight to check it out and hopefully watch them win a free vacation. I'll tell you what.....there are some extremely difficult questions. These guys are pros.

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I actually love these quiz bowl games! As it happens, I watch Jeopardy every night oh, just to keep my mind Sharp. I love when I can run a category, although, when they get into categories like 18th century literature in China, I'm lost. I know that going in.

There is a quiz bowl game on television every Saturday and it's usually really early in the morning so sometimes I like to sit by my coffee and watch it. I can't tell you why I enjoy watching these kind of things, but it's just like playing trivia or Trivial Pursuit. I'm addicted to things that question me, or question my knowledge. I think that's why I liked college so much. There is always some professor that was willing to quiz Bowl you on the spot! Anyway, I hope you had a great time oh, and I would say that it was. So when do they get to go to Vegas? Where was this place question mark you said it was in Colorado Springs but I was at the Academy and don't know where it is but of course nothing ever stays the same.

Please know that I owe you a tip, you just didn't get one tonight because I ran out of money. I know, I know! Typical female. I probably spent it all on a new pair of shoes.

I.O.U a nice tip!


you dont owe me nothin!


Well, of course, I was kidding! Owe is the wrong word. It is my little pleasure to leave a little piddly !tip time and again. It is my happy place to do so. :)


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For the sake of such a prize it is worth trying. Interestingly who won all the same. The photo is very friendly atmosphere, but probably no one will concede :)

It is very informative to look at such quizzes. I noticed that people of different ages and most likely professions were in the photo. Well done. Always respected people who aspire to knowledge at any age

Looks like you had a great time with these neighbor fellows, I encourage you to play also next time and share your experience of playing ;) Always feel happy to see you smiling and enjoying the life :)

Wao you are so enjoying with your friends. Mindreluxation is very important for our stressfull life. It is really very interesting game. I really like Quiz competition. I think many peoples like to drink beer. You and your all neighbours to much handsome. Thanks for sharing. @Broncnutz.

It's really fun to watch Quiz matches with friends. You can give them enthusiasm.


Quiz games with frnds and winner get cool reward . Amazing game .

@broncnutz have fun with your friends best regards

Thats good quiz my friend . Lol

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wow it is very interesting,I like to participate in quiz competition,

I always love to participate in quiz competition because it is always fun and learning also but this will be my first time of hearing about the bowl

For a trip to Las Vegas, the questions wouldn't be cheap

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Sounds like a good reason to have beer!

I remember playing a Game like your talking about back in the 1980's bars..........

NTN Buzztime is a company that produces interactive entertainment across many different platforms. Its most well-known product, simply called Buzztime, and formerly known as the NTN Network, since 1985, broadcasts trivia and other games via broadband over a national network to over 3,800 bars and restaurants in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean

very compact togetherness

OK. Enjoy the event @broncnutz. You should try the quiz out some day. 😄

Thanks for wonderful********D o say that ... you always have a wonderful startI and love watching your photo IMG_20181129_071229.png

Interesting! But you're not playing. However, I encourage you to play also next time.

On the other hand, For me, I love to play quiz, prize, trophy.😍

Enjoy yourself.

Wow looks like you had lot of fun and amazing time :D

Enjoy with neighbors . Thats good .
You are looking cool.

Wow...in germany at the pub I wenn you could win like 30 Euro vouchers for the pub.

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A quiz competition for a price of free vacation definately will worth my time, because a quiz is part of learning and also improving on your mental skills also. I wish I was there to be part of the quiz @broncnutz