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A blind beggar boy with both eyes was sitting on the steps of a building, in front of him was a hat, including a few coins. A sign was written with scrawled letters next to the hat: "I'm blind, please help."
A businessman passing by. He picked up his wallet and put it in his hat. Then he took the sign, turned it over, wrote on it, and put it back in place.
Soon his hat was full of money. More and more people pay attention to him and give him more money. That afternoon the businessman turned to the blind man to see how things were going. The boy listened to his footsteps and realized that the man who had changed his sign, he asked: "Are you the one who wrote something on my sign? What did you write? "
Slowly man: "I only write the truth. I rewrite the idea you wrote but with different expressions. "
Do you guess what this entrepreneur wrote? The answer is: "Today is a beautiful day and I can not see it."
Do you think the first and the second signs are the same in meaning? Of course, both plates mention that the boy was blind. But the first sign was simply a blind boy and needed help. But the second sign implies that passers indeed are more fortunate than boys when they have eyes to see life.
The same connotation of expression, but two statements give us a completely different feeling. And of course, the second sentence touches the heart as well. The same content you want to tell others, but choosing different words will bring different effects and results.


I really think thats a good blog

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Nice post friend, beautiful story. Crescendo: "Today is a beautiful day and I can not see it."

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