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Today i want to tell you about a friend of mine who I met in Indonesia. So I've been living here for quite a while and we've got to know each other for a few months. And as sad as it is a separation between us was due: I had to go back to Norway to begin my studies. As my time was about to come near, my friend was kind enough to think of a souvenir. This is what he handed me:26853761_2012157965735264_177052782_o.png

As shown in the pictures, it is the Saudi Arabian currency, 1 Riyal. It actually got me curious, because I've never seen an Arabic currency before, so of course this got me a little out of hand when I forcefully took the money, even though he was about to give it to me. (Sorry) 😂

As you may know Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country and make up the largest group of pilgrims for the hajj in Mecca. And my friend has been there for quite some times, and when he comes back he usually bring something home like souvenirs, clothes, the holy Zamzam water, Arabic snacks and of course the Saudi Riyal.

To be honest I'm a little nervous as this is my second blogpost on Steemit, so if you up vote this post I'll be forever grateful. And as always have a wonderful day! 😉


~ Muji


Thank you for remembering my hacc :)

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