Late Composition

in friend •  6 months ago

Some people, even if we have encountered it once, can tell a tiny story they live in our lives. The story is small, but there is a crucial sentence, an event in it that shudders us, goes inside, and remains in our lives until we find it.

A friend died recently. He was an old theater player. He was not very famous. For this reason, his name did not make sense to many people. However, three or four years ago, a bank was adorned in a commercial and adored by his television actor, his successful acting. Those who remember the commercial filmin will be in the role of a retired teacher, meet a student who was a banker at a seaside, his student falling into the sea or something similar. The ad was very popular,

This friend, too late in life, had a reputation he did not expect. This reputation carried it on several lines on television; but he was old, he could not keep up with the "active-dynamic-excited" actor identity the television principal needed, presumably not wanting to continue, suddenly forgotten if he was suddenly famous.


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