Stay Well Dear Friend!

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I know he won't come back this morning. If you call Roll 72, you will not be able to respond. I can't find those familiar faces behind the call. I used to wait for the morning when I went to bed the night before. I still live, but that morning doesn't come, I still dream of that imaginary girl. If that happened then I would wake up in the morning and see, everything is the same as before. I'm sitting on the last bench. Waiting for Tasnim. Otherwise, as soon as I woke up, someone would suddenly come and say, Isha, pack up, I will take you back to your school.

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Ish, If that happened then I would go to school and surprise everyone. I don't think so. My writing will be printed on the pages of Kishore Alo, maybe or not. Will remain on the pages of my diary. The diary may not last forever. But those memories will never be erased from the album of my mind. Months will come and months will come. I'll write to Kia. I will be seen reading Kia on September 6. But that September 6 ... I can't see. I know that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to find those lost days. If you have read my writing, I will say you are good friend, what do you read. Even if you haven't seen it at school, you can imagine it.

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