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Lover’s Eye
Her eyes were deeper than then Mariana Trench
The blue and tint of darkness was so mysterious
She fully intrigued me by her wilderness
Her hair smelled like a fresh winter morning
Her skin felt like the softness of petals upon petals
She was as intriguing as the mysteries of the sea
I wanted to see her more and more she was like nature
Every component of her being inside and out was so
Delicate like a jellyfish but her personality was lethal like one too
I fell in love with nature even more when I saw her
Because for me she was nature and all its beauty and more

picture taken on iphone 7 on my vacation :)


Wonderful verse and photo accompaniment. Be sure to drop the link on the contest page, so other poets might see it:)

Hi, @newyorkfever ☻ It must be a mesmerizing experience, despite the dangers implied, to get to discover such beauty.

Thanks for sharing ♥

Beautiful sight that falls in love with whoever sets his gaze on her. The photographic shot is spectacular. Good job, @newyorkfever.