Symbiotic machines 2 - 5 minutes of writing

in #frewrite2 years ago


Another day, but now I am not alone, I took the girl to my hiding place where I will protect her with my life, I will give her well-being, I will not take her to misery. It is time for you to go out looking for more signs of life. I go out very carefully so they don't see where I come from, I'm walking the streets, but I see something in the distance, it's a shit machine that devours another person's brain and doesn't notice me.
I will take advantage of this moment to study it, try to see its weak points and see where it comes from, to see where its base is. I have walked several kilometers following that monster and my eyes have captured several dozen decomposing dead, thanks to my acumen, I have found where its base is, I have to return and bring food to my lair

As this day progresses, I begin to understand that the strength of these machines manifests itself in different ways, but the most important thing is that this girl awakens my potential to achieve my main goals and find living people who have their lair and thus join to destroy those machines.

It will continue.

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