My integration in South Korea

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It has been 2 weeks now since I arrived in Seoul, in South Korea. As I told you in my introduction post, I am french and I study in Seoul, at Hanyang University until June. What are my impressions? How I feel in this asian country that has totally a different culture from France?

First I want to tell you that don’t worry, I FEEL VERY GOOD!
South Korea is so different from France in so many different fields such as the food, the culture, the architecture but also the people and their mentality, …
In this post I will talk about my impressions about korean people :)


Relationship with Koreans

First of all, I want to tell you that it’s not so easy to make korean friends. It’s not like in France or in America where people will come and talk to you very easy. They will not necessarily come to you, and most of the time you will have to come and talk with them first. Why? Because they have already their friends, and they don’t necessary need to make new friends... Moreover, a lot of korean people don’t speak very well or sometimes they don’t speak at all english… so if you don’t speak korean, the communication will be very hard sometimes. Furthermore, some of them are just shy, and don’t know how to start a conversation with a foreigner. So yes I would say it’s not easy to be and feel integrated in the korean community. BUT it doesn’t mean that people are not nice !

My experience

It was really hard at the beginning for me to feel integrated, because I’m often waiting that people come to me, it doesn’t mean that I’m shy (it’s the contrary because I’m so crazy)! I had the chance that I have an international friend, from France as well who is living in Seoul since 2 years. He is also a dancer and he has explained me a lot of things about the culture and the mentality of the koreans. You just have to talk to them first!
So that’s what I did, and in 1 week I have made soooo many korean friends : drink a coffee or have a dinner? Those times were amazing with them. So don’t be scared to come to them, because they are so nice and once you know them they will always be happy to spend time with you! With korean people, I know that I will learn a lot of things about the country and the culture, I will discover new places (not necessary famous), good korean food and I will be able to exchange and share with them. I’m convinced that

"Travelling is not only about discovering new places but most importantly about meeting new people"



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