5-minute-Freewrite : Departure

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Hello Fellow Steemians! How's your day?
Here's my entry for @mariannewest #5-minuteFreewrite, prompt : "departure" . You can check her post here

Here it goes :


Howdy guys. today i decided to write about departure.. hmm. what about it? well, we all know departure has something to do with person leaving somewhere and leaving someone. Most known departure , is the one we see in the airports right? LOL. But i thought of maybe relating departure to our life. what departure am i pertaining to exactly. I thought of departure.. departure from the past memories which are painful, full of regrets, bombarded emotions.. Like in other words letting go of those feelings, negative feelings of the past to be specific , so we would able to move forward and continue fighting and living this wonderful life we have. Departure from this hatred and anger from someone you had in the past. Because it would not just simply let you move on, but also will give you peace of mind , healthy thinking and will just leave you with a grateful heart ready to face any new challenges life will throw at you.

Did use of themostdangerouswritingapp.com to time the writing.


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