A Fictional Freewrite: Cold Person

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@mariannewest's freewrite prompt of the day: cold person: https://steempeak.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-740-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-cold-person.
I borrowed the idea of a story in journal entry format from a story by @manoldonchev. Thanks man!

Journal Entry date: August 13, 2863
Location: Ellesmere Island, Canada

Today was our 30th day excavating this frozen ice cap. There are a few things bothering me about this entire expedition, namely, firstly, why on earth anyone would have migrated this far north to live in the first place; secondly, why the Institute thinks that this would be a good place to explore and excavation, and third, why I volunteered for this in the first place. Surely nobody actually lived here. Ever. I know I wanted to get away from the wife for awhile, but not even she’s as cold as it is here. This was a dumb idea. There are parts of me that I don’t think I can feel that I really would like to be able to feel again. It’s cold!

Journal Entry date: August 15, 2863
Location: Ellesmere Island, Canada

So it turns out I was likely a little incorrect. We found artifacts! It looks like some sort of electronic. It has what appears to be a logo of a partially eaten piece of fruit. Interesting! I’m scared to touch it because it’ll probably shatter because it’s so fucking cold!

Journal Entry date: August 19, 2863
Location: Ellesmere Island, Canada

Now today was beyond amazing. We found a person. Not a real person, at least not a real living person. A dead person. Frozen (because I think it’s just a few degrees warmer than absolute zero), but definitely a person. Completely frozen. Encapsulated in the ice! This is going to make for a great research paper. An actual frozen human artifact of… well… of a human! Poor dude. This is one cold person.

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Poor guy all frozen like that and being stared at LOLL

GREAT freewrite!! so happy to see you having fun doing them :D

Thank you! I really do like to write. One of my goals in high school was to be a professional writer. I'm glad to get back into it. And I'm glad you've enjoyed it! :)

I really am.

sorry for not being around the last few days. I had to get ready to go visit my Mom in Florida and a few other things. Hoping to be back soon to read more :D

Hope everything is okay!

Love this story, @wwwiebe - keep going :)

@tipu curate

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Thank you!

You're Welcome!

I know!! what were people thinking when they settled Canada. Love the artifact with the partly eaten fruit. I think the explorers will find a ton of those LOL

I know exactly what those people were thinking! It was those original settlers that coined the acronym 'wtf'. ;)


Yeah, it's definitely a structure I like. You have the proper type of narrative for it.

Well done, a beginning is a beginning.

Suggested upgrade:

Which of the in-the-first-place instances was in the first place?

You could add coordinates to the Location part. But that requires time and research, not exactly a thing for a 5-min freewrite.


Thank you! And thanks for the suggestions; I can definitely work on further clarity. Thanks for stopping by!

Adventure into the future, nice free write exploring what one might find @wwwiebe pretty cool!

Thank you!

It would be cold up there that close to the North Pole. Maybe it’s Santa Claus! 😊

Ahahaha! He must be a Canadian!

Poor guy all frozen what a way to go. :( Probably one of Apple's competitors, buried in the ice, guess time will tell. :D

Maybe that particular device will still happen to work! Dunno yet. :)

I love it. Will it be continued? Now you know what cold is I guess. Happy the heather is on. 💕

I hadn't considered a continued story until recently. I'll need to give it some thought!

It doesn't matter I assume one day the expedition will end, the cold person does not come alive and the wife is missed or left. 🤔👍💕