Freewrite: Describe the Room You Are In

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The room serves as an office and writing den. Natural light comes in from two windows on the east wall diffused by wooden blinds. The light provides me with energy and may be one of the best things about the office.


A 24" monitor block the front of my desk giving me massive amounts of digital workspace to write, research, and run my applications. I have another smaller monitor for emails. With my poor eyesight, it is nice to be able to spread out and still see the words.

A large poster from World War II hangs between the windows reminding me to "Keep Calm and Carry On." I picked this up for guests to see who for a time spent most of their time worrying about a job we were doing. I figured it might keep some of them from jumping off a ledge. Today, the poster serves as a reminder of my stroke and what it took to come back to work.


On the far wall, I have pictures representing my writing life. One is a modern poster of the Mystery Incorporated gang to remind me of my ultimate goal: to write a top-notch mystery. The other is a signed lithograph of a typewriter hovering over writing fragments.

On the back wall, is my library and collection of stuff. I have my writing books, public relations manuals, and a dictionary mixed in with my memories. My old-time radio sits next to my flameless candle, which I use to play country music and fill my nose with the scent of sandalwood.

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That sure is a wonderful writing den that you have and I love the reminders on your wall. I especially love the lithograph of a typewritier. Best wishes to you @wordymouth! : )

Resident cat here, right on cue delivering today's prompt: dew


Yay! Thanks for letting me know and I am off to read it now. : )