Buy More Bananas!

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A Conversation

"I'm not monkeying around here, I Need a Banana."


"Seriously, my potassium is way down."

"So you're not kidding?"

"No. I really need a banana."

"Need or want a banana?"

"At this point it's a need."

"Well, I'd like to help you, but your little brother just ate the last one."


"You took too long."

"Charlie, would you give your big sister a bite. I'll love you always."


"Just a bite."


"Come on."

"No. I like my banana."

"Yeah, it looks real good. Give me a small bite?"

"Just a small one?"

"Yes. Just a small one."

"I'll give you a bite."

"Come on, Charlie. A bigger bite."

"You already got one."

"Mom. Buy more bananas!"

Copyright © 2018 Michael Shawn Sommermeyer

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Day 201: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: Banana by @mariannewest

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The art of sharing LOLLL or not :D

Great freewrite and selfie :D

Yes, mom!!! Buy more bananas!!!

ah, I know the feeling. Why is it that everytime you eat with siblings, it becomes a battle for survival?

I'm in charge of delivering the prompt for today, so here you go -

Fire up that keyboard!

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