Mouth watering bbq & Just 'Cause Band

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: music

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With all the crappy music in the world today, if I'm not listening to old time rock 'n roll, I'm listening to live music.

One of my favorite groups is the Just 'Cause Band, a police officer friend of mine is the drummer.


They have a great sound and play a bunch of old rock'in music. They play all across San Antonio, but I like to watch them and enjoy great tasting bbq, at Augie's Barbed Wire Smokehouse.


I just can't imagine listening to crappy rap music and enjoying bbq at the same time! I really can't think of anything I would eat while listening to Kanye!


Story and photos by Bruni

z2u3jv2innyratziv1mo.jpgThanks @fireawaymarmot

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I will follow you @zinotce thank you for the upvote. 🙏


i appreciate it @wonderwop

Wow! Looks like some crazy, messy ribs there and I bet they're great because who doesn't love rock and roll?


They are fabulous, just like your poem "Remote" 💕