Day-755-Freewrite Thursday Homemade Waffles

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: homemade waffles

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I haven't had homemade waffles in such a long time, I may have to beg Debbie to make some with weekend. The last time she used the waffle iron she tried making gluten free waffles, they were ok but I like the good ol' bad style waffles that my mamma used to make every Sunday. Pancakes on Saturday and waffles on Sunday, that's how my dad wanted his breakfast over the weekends. It wasn't a very happy place when mamma ran out of Bisquick mix. Luckily the grocery store near the house was closed on Sundays so I didn't have to walk and get a box, but Saturdays was another story and my mamma didn't drive. Poker went well tonight and our host Dan prepared a Thanksgiving meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, peas, beans, and cranberry sauce with all the fix'ins. Even if I didn't win, that meal was the bomb! 💣 Just a side note, I reached Diamond II level tonight for the first time ever so I'll be receiving 50 end of season reward cards in about an hour. 🍻

Freewrite and photo by Bruni

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Now I want a waffle too 😂😂

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it looks tasty fellow!❤️❤️

I liked, very tasty!


Look delicious!

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