Day-522-Freewrite Tuesday Shaken not Stirred

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: shaken not Stirred

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I was never a big martini drinker while I was growing up, but for sure it had to be vodka, dirty, and shaken not stirred. Now instead of drinking martinis, I collect unique vodka bottles. These photos are a couple of my latest acquisitions.
Ocean is an organic vodka that is made in Hawaii and is bottled in a cool, light blue bottle.
And Crystal Head is a product of Canada and is bottled in a skull. I don't know why I started collecting liquor bottles, but every Christmas and birthday I receive them as gifts. Prolly because I'm such a hard person to buy for. 😁
I forgot to mention that all my martinis had to have three olives.

Cheers! 🍸

Story and photos by Bruni
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I’ve never had an alcoholic drink in my life so would certainly find the containers a whole lot more interesting.
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Wow, really that's a first for me.

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Those are some nice looking bottles. I would like to drink it then replace it with some other kinda liquid to keep it on display.

I may have to do that one day, sometimes I just gift a bottle when I find a new one to display. 🍸

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My boyfriend's mom got him that Ocean Vodka a while back after she found it on a trip to Hawaii. He turned it into a terrarium after drinking the liquor, so we still have the bottle, too! :)

I bet that looks cool. 👍

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