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I wish I had way more time to read and comment too (and a faster internet connection). Tobe honest I do no longer have time to write what I like, not even to edit my march madness story and that sucks.

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You need to write what you love - otherwise, you will get burned out! I know it is hard when we want to read all the great posts out there, but we don't want you to disappear due to burnout!

I need to scedule a bit bitter, watch my time somehow.
I won't get a burnout because of not writing just an unsatisfied feeling at the end of the day. Somehow days are so short.

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Ohhhh the slow internet speed. I hear you. And I too have not found time to finish/polish my March Madness story. ( I'm still torn: I set out with the premise of the missing sister being found dead, but something inside me rebels. Let her live. Make her fight and escape!) I hope you get caught up on your own writing. The writing community is fantastic but also a temptation or a distraction from the actual WRITING that brings us all together.

She could be mistakenly held for death for ...have a double or they found someone with her personal stuff/perhaps knew her... it would be "a hammer" if she would have survived (plus you have an open for the next books).

I hope to be able to scedule my time better and have it done before I end up in hospital again.

I really like joining here and try to participate but it takes so much time and I want to write too.

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I want to write too and keep up -- that is a popular refrain in these parts. Welcome to the club!! And thanks for the feedback and for finding time to be here and write with us!

I'm telling you, it was the cop who framed her so that his daughter could win something or other. Am I remembering that incorrectly? Anyway, they have her, and they can't figure out what to do with her.

Just kidding. I so want Jenny to be alive though. I couldn't bear for you to lose another one.

I hope you both get a chance, and the inclination, to work on your MM stories.

What an amazing memory you have! The cop did frame her, or go way too hard on her, for the weed charge, which allowed his niece, second runner up, to usurp Jenny's music scholarship. And it appears one of the Feckers boys (the cop's nephews) have to be involved. I never did write in "Squeaky," because a guy with that nickname exists in real life - his trachea having been damaged by Barbed Wire At Neck Level, deliberately set to take down ATV riders in the woods. I haven't met him, but he exists. I think it's safe to use him in the story, but how do I top that name Squeaky, and how much is he like the guy who kidnapped Polly Klass after killing her parents... Her escape keeps coming to mind, and I keep picturing Jenny coming home ALIVE, not dead. I don't think I can even "go there" with a story where her body is found the way my sister's was, with police and BCI agents failing to collect DNA from her fingernails, at least (this was done in 1970 and earlier; no logical reason was given for the failure to collect evidence!). Police coverups or simple incompetence - it's too depressing to tackle in fiction. Let a gazillion other authors of procedurals deal with that sh*t.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and REMEMBERING!

you are an amazing reader! And I do need to finish this March Madness story. The November manuscript is so pathetic, I haven't had the temerity to look at it again. I really ought to delete most of it. But thank you for encouraging me!

You know it is my pleasure!
OMG people hide barbed wire to stop ATVer's? That is a horrible image. Who does that?! A lot of kids ride those! I hope whoever did that got what was coming to them. Is there some reason you can't use the name Squeaky? Because you're right, I can't think of anything better. Raspy, Scratchy, Croaky? Glottal? haha.
I didn't discover you until well after November, so I have no idea how your november story was. I'd sure hate to think you spent a whole month hating what you wrote though.


Omg, that's it!!! I LOVE IT
It sounds gutteral and disgusting, like Phlegm, Slime, Mucous, Moist...
I do hate my November novel but it's not beyond salvage. I swear. I just have to get busy salvaging.
Uh, yes, there are several lurid, documented, despicable cases of barbed wire at neck level. Many undocumented as well. As far as I know, nobody has been charged with the crime yet. I hope to be proven wrong on that!

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