#freewriting - Not chickens but roosters!

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A rooster... I can not write anything about it.
I never had one and I also never liked to have one. They are too noisy and not only at daybreak.

Well it would not live long at my place anyway since I have some hunters who love to chase chickens.
It was not my idea to let them do so but they are to stubborn to stop chasing them and the chickens were to stubborn to stay inside.

Ever saw a wolf in your chickenhouse having fun?
Well I saw it and for me and the chickens it was stressful for sure.
Actually it was not his fault since I had the chickens as food.
Once in a while I catch one, throw it over with the words: 'catch'. It works fine that way. No problem with catching, killing, eating.

Interesting thing is the whole chicken is eaten.
Including feathers so no waste.
I always stay around for a while. Sometimes during the catch an egg comes out. If so its mine!

My neighbours had roosters, but now I think about it I haven't heard them during the past weeks (months?).
Perhaps they are all eaten? Since that is what we do with roosters. The grilled ones we buy are in most cases young roosters, not chickens. So are the day-old-chicks. They are all roosters!

This is a pixabay.com picture since I have no roosters.

This is my entry at the daily #5-minute-freewrite with the prompt rooster. if you like to join catch your 'feather' and do not forget to have a look at @mariannewest and @freewritehouse.

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Nice story you've got there

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Thanks for reading it. I tried to make something out of the prompt in 5 minutes. Doubt I would have been written more if I would havr had more time

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Ohh those wolves and foxes can figure out a way into nearly any chicken coup. Need a dog to protect them, like the looney tunes cartoons. My grandfather would touch the family dog into bed each night in the chicken coup, he loved it and the chickens seemed to welcome.

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That is an interesting thing. First time I hear about that. What kind of dog was it?

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@wakeupkitty I do not like roosters either but love chickens for their eggs, but we can not have them because bobcats get them, so I gave up and now buy my eggs.

I have had chickens for some years but not last year. Perhaps I will buy some later this year

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Oh... Have you found out what happened to your neighbor's roosters? Are they all eaten?

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 476: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: groundhog day.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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