5mins Freewrite→Time

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Time… when you are having so much fun, you wish that the time would just stop there.

Time… when you are bored, you wish that the time could speed up faster than ever.

Time… when you rushing a tight dateline, you wish that the time will slow down.

Time… the precious time wasted will never be recovered.

Time… the time past could never be unwind nor can we fast forward to the future.

Time… it is really difficult to please everyone. No matter what situation you are in, it is always the Time to be blame, either too slow or too fast, too much or too little, never just nice.

Time… This is my First Time attempting at Freewrite. Writting wasn’t really my thing, not sure if I’m doing it right but at least worth giving it a try.

Thank you for you for your precious Time.⏳

@Kaerpediem….I finally manage to post one on freewrite 😊

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You did great 😊
Time .... I want more of

STEEM!! haha

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I love this! A great first freewrite. Just remember there is no right or wrong...just have fun! : )

Thank you😊😘

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