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Continuation of Trolley and Flea


The smell of the lipstick was familiar although I couldn't quite yet place where the smell came from.

I opened the letter and began to read:

Dear Detective,

Your awakening has not come yet. Your time is coming through. The man you work for is going to help push that button in you. You first have to chase this mouse a few more times around the block before your mind will be free enough to see that the shadow and the light cannot be without one another.

I know why you don't sleep at night. I've watched you in your half-hazy sleep toss and turn. Yes, I've done my research. You thought I didn't know about you? No matter. Pay attention.

Follow the smell. You have been to the Garden. Seek the maid who is more precious than a green stone.

It is of the utmost joy I bring this message to you. Your disrespect for life has haunted you. I alone know the cure. This is why you were paid to follow and track me down. Your employer is banking on the life you've lead up until this very moment.

A sweet kiss, Detective.

I've known my employer was not the best of men. We've all done bad things. But, he had warned me of the trouble this woman has caused. By the sound of it, she was worse than him. In this town, how can one tell the difference?

There came a knock at my door.



Weekend Freewrite -5/5/2018 - Single Prompt Option

Freewrite brought to you by @mariannewest

My Completed Freewriting prompts:

  1. Dude
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Basket
  4. Housecoat
  5. Nail
  6. Faster Than Light
  7. Cane (Bonus: Red Wine)
  8. A Ridiculous Amount of Fun
  9. Mosquito
  10. Bamboo
  11. Hook
  12. Sweater
  13. The Entryway
  14. Trolley
  15. Flea

Weekend Free Write:

  1. The Picture
  2. The Crooked Umbrella
  3. The Chair That I’m Stapped To
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