The Stall: The Weekend Freewrite- 5/12/2018

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Continuation of: Medium


"The blanket was always left in a big heap after she was done. My father liked that about her," the woman says into her earpiece. She takes another bight of her sandwich and says as she is chewing, "That is why they got along so well."

Inside of the stall, there were jeans sprawled all over the floor. Instead of working, she must be talking all the time to whoever she be talking to. I take off the shirt I had on. It only had a couple of holes around the armpit, one in the front, and a couple on the back. This shirt can still serve me. I knew there was no way to get out of this. I dropped that shirt on top of the pants and put on the shirt my mother had instructed me to do and came out of the stall.

"Honey! You are a ripe peach. That shirt sure does bring out the color of your eyes and makes your cute little cheeks glow," she says pinches both sides of my cheeks between her fingers.

I bat her hand away. "You pinching me is the cause of my red cheeks."

"He was planning a pet movie contest!" the woman on the phone says out loud as she busts out laughing.

"Never mind what she is doing. Get in there and try on these pants."

”Really? Can't you find anything else in this whole store? I'm not going to put these tight-fitting, blown pants on."

"You sure are going to, sweety. You know what will happen if you don't."

"Why do you have to be like this?" I threw my hands up into the air and went back into the changing room to put on these hideous looking things. "I'm a punk-rocker kid, not some Sunday school chum, or your little dress up doll, Mom. I can't wait until I'm eighteen. Then I'll be able to do things all by myself."

"He continued in this way until he discovered that he could not doubt one thing," I heard someone in the stall say a little loudly as if he wanted someone to listen, "what you may need may be right at your feet."

I looked down at my feet when I heard him say this last line. In one of the pockets of the genes were a couple of green bills of money. I could only see a part of the bill until I removed the pants that were on top of it. I grabbed the small wad of bills, all $100 bills?!? No way. Checking further I found a ring, the look is clear and sparkly when held up to the light. I've seen my mom with something like this on her finger once. I know what I'm going to do once I get out of here ...

"Sweety. What is taking you so long?"



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Well done!


Oh interesting. what is he going to do when he gets out of there?
I am sure we find out :)

Crying here. So sad and so beautiful!!!
The Sunday prompt for you.

And remember, tomorrow, the contest starts!!

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I love the unexpected twists and turns in this one!