The Stall: Part 5 - Homeless: Day 40: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday

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The Stall - Part 1
The Stall - Part 2
The Stall - Part 3
The Stall - Part 4


My hands were in my pockets fumbling with the ring and the money without me realizing it. My happy-go-lucky way was no longer. I was now filled with dread of what might happen, but his eyes lifted off of me and behind me. I turned around. In the stall next to the one I was in, the security officer is pulling out a homeless man. "I didn't do anything!" he says aloud.

"Come with me. Face the detective." The security office leads the homeless by the arm to the front where the detective is standing, waiting.

"Where is the stash, C?"

"Ha! What kind of person do you think I am? I've got nothing and neither do you."

The security officer searches C's pockets. "Nothing. Clean."

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Day 222: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: homeless

Freewrite brought to you by @mariannewest

My Completed Freewriting prompts:

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  2. Bittersweet
  3. Basket
  4. Housecoat
  5. Nail
  6. Faster Than Light
  7. Cane (Bonus: Red Wine)
  8. A Ridiculous Amount of Fun
  9. Mosquito
  10. Bamboo
  11. Hook
  12. Sweater
  13. The Entryway
  14. Trolley
  15. Flea
  16. Awakening
  17. Her Homemade Jams
  18. Party
  19. Important
  20. Parasol
  21. Back Pain
  22. Late
  23. Medium
  24. Mother
  25. Banana
  26. Paper
  27. Milk
  28. Tree
  29. Swing
  30. Bored Stiff
  31. 5
  32. Home Alone and Doctor’s Office
  33. Monkey’s Wedding
  34. Wire
  35. Appetite
  36. Travel
  37. A Kiss
  38. Mice
  39. Detective

Weekend Free Write:

  1. The Picture
  2. The Crooked Umbrella
  3. The Chair That I’m Stapped To
  4. The Stall - Part 1
  5. The Stall - Part 2
  6. A Common Ending
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What luck to have a suspicious homeless person for the security to focus on.
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