The Stall: Day 42: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: 40 % off

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The Stall - Part 1
The Stall - Part 2
The Stall - Part 3
The Stall - Part 4
The Stall - Part 5
The Stall - Part 6


"Madame. Your eyebrow is quivering," the detective says in a seductive tone of voice.

"It is the heat in this place." She places the magazine back on the stand and with her index finger, wipes the sweat dripping into her eyes. Giggling, she says "Look at that sweat dripping from my eyebrow." This is the second thing to happen before they are invited over. My hands are fumbling around in my pocket.

"Excuse me." The detective turns his head toward me. "Nice! Tight pants, cowboy." He throws a two big thumbs up. "Were you in that stall," pointing behind me, "before the security guard searched those pants?"

I turned my head. Looked. "Yes." I looked back at him.

"Did you find anything ... unusual?"

"I did find," lifting my hands from my pocket, "a red tag that reads 40% off in these."

He looked at my pockets. He could tell there was nothing in them because of how god awfully tight they were on me. - These won't last a month! - He turns back to my mother. "If you have anything," reaching into his jacket pocket, "that comes to mind," pulls out a stack of 9x12 cards, "that you would like to speak about," hands one to mother, "this is where I can be reached," and with the same easy and delicacy he used to pull them out, he puts the rest of the cards back into his pocket.

"Johnson. Expect a call from me soon." She grabs her bag and unzips the pocket she never uses. "There is something I'd ... like," she places the card in the pocket she never uses and zips it back up, "to go over you ... wiTH." After exaggerating the TH, She bits the lower part of her lip as the last bit of breath leaves her mouth.

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  2. The Crooked Umbrella
  3. The Chair That I’m Stapped To
  4. The Stall - Part 1
  5. The Stall - Part 2
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