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Day 48: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: wet

in freewrite •  10 months ago

Are you sure that is the one you are in? You don't look like a Janus, it is a one-man show and sorry, don't have the $10. I could be wrong. You might just shave your beard for the show. haha

If you want to come to the Y and chill with me for a little while, that we can do. I will be able to get you in free for at least one day. We can play racquetball (I rarely play, but it is a fun thing now and again).

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Whoops! I wrote the numbers wrong.
Also, yes, I love racquetball.


Alright, man. I got hooked up for next Saturday. I'm bringing tomatoes! If you can't keep me awake, I'll have something to throw while I am "sleeping." haha!